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How Do You Wear A Modern Kilt?

The kilt is a classic Scottish dress that is worn to signify the strength, culture, and family roots of those living in the Scottish Highlands. The custom that people wear the kilt has seen many variations throughout its long history and was even banned in the mid-1700s in order to minimize the influence of Highland clans.

Nowadays, kilts are used for special occasions, such as typical games played in Scotland, and remain an emblem of Scotland’s distinctive and distinct culture. Within the United States, kilts are becoming more popular, and masculine practical use an informal, casual, or formal style of clothing. Due to its historic significance as a badge of honor, it’s appropriate for men to be Scottish and not be aware of how to wear the proper Kilt. Here are some guidelines to make sure you don’t look like you were a girl.

Shirt and Skirt

In certain situations (not every formal) the gentleman should wear the shirt known as Ghillie since it can be worn tucked into. If you are looking to dress casually the kilt should be put on with a comfy shirt. Kilt retailers, like utility Kilts, provide trendy T-shirts that feature unique and distinctive designs that ensure that wearing the kilt is a lot more fun. If you are wearing your own Kilt, ensure that pleats are on the back and that the apron that is flat is placed at the front.

Belt and Buckle

The belt naturally is worn through your waist. Adjust the belt until it’s snug but not uncomfortable. Belts are typically available in brown and black and antique buckles are available made from chrome, brass, and various other materials.

Hose and Shoes

If you’re wearing flashes from your hose (flashes are not socks. They are worn under socks) It is necessary to apply them first before folding the hose. The hose should sit just above the knee. You can then fold them over to lower them below the knee. The shoes most often worn with Kilts include those called Ghillie Brogues, which are identical to a normal shoe, however, the laces need to be wrapped around the ankles prior to when they are tied at the front. But any type of boot or shoe can be worn with the Kilt.


The final item can be described as the sporran. The sporran is worn by placing the belt (sometimes part chain) through the loops of the Kilt. Sporrans are available in a variety of shades of fur or leather and formal sporrans usually are fur.

Most men in the present only wear their kilts at events like weddings. But, there’s an emerging trend of contemporary utility kilts making kilts suitable for casual wear quite fashionable. They are more practical and come with pockets built in to hold personal items like phones, wallets as well as keys. Despite this explosion of popularity, the traditional kilt is timeless and will never be out of fashion.

Modern and fashionable Kilts are trendy comfortable and stylish. Stores such as kilt Master provide a broad collection of contemporary and traditional kilts along with accessories to complete your look.

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