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How To Wear Belt & Buckle?

The buckle and belt may typically not be the primary factor to consider when designing an outfit for a kilt, but it’s often overlooked or is the source of confusion as to what and when it should be worn. In certain instances, the buckle and belt are essential pieces of Highland clothing and shouldn’t be neglected. But there are some rules that you must keep in mind prior to stepping out in your brand newly purchased Kilt Belt and Buckle.

The first and most crucial principle is Kilt Belts should be worn only with a Kilt Belt should only be worn in conjunction with an Argyll Jacket. It is best worn without the waistcoat to bridge the gaps between the shirt and the kilt and shouldn’t be worn with an overcoat. This means that the Kilt Belt would never be worn with the Prince Charlie Jacket or Waistcoat.

The Kilt Belt should ideally not be required for the reasons that a belt is typically used (e.g. to support the jeans). If the kilt is properly measured, it will be able to fit comfortably around your waist. However, we do know that it can help in the event that you’ll dance an extravagant Ceilidh dancing! No matter what, a kilt belt is not worn solely for practical reasons. It is considered an integral element of the kilt ensemble which is why they’re so well-known. In the past, hundreds of years ago, when the Scots were wearing the great kilt or failed than once, the one piece of tartan was tied together, worn around the waist, and adorned with pleats that were not tailored towards the back, and the remainder of the cloth was draped over the shoulder, pinned on, or put on as a cloak, or cape.

The last thing to keep in mind to remember is that the belt shouldn’t pass through the loops in the back. no matter how odd The belt loops at the back are meant to be used to hold the sporran. The buckle of the belt should be aligned on the sporran into the top of the Kilt.

If you’re not a kilted guy, don’t worry because the Kilt Belt or Buckle is a great choice when worn to a set of Tartans Trews as well as Trousers!

Belt Buckles

There are no rules for Belt Buckles There are no rules, it’s all about choosing your style. We offer a variety of Kilt Buckles that are Scottish-themed or we can design Kilt Buckles to suit your needs. Kilt Buckle in your family Clan Crest.

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