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Where To Wear A Kilt Pin?

Traditionally, A kilt pin can be worn to the right side. It is pinned through the front apron, about 4 inches away from the top of the kilt and 2 inches away from the fringing on one side. Be sure that the pin is only through the apron in front and not through the layers beneath since this can lead to harming the kilt.

What is the best way to wear your clan pin?

The clan’s members can be able to wear the chief’s emblem, which is surrounded by a buckle and strap inscribed with the Chief’s slogan or motto. The buckle and strap symbolize the clan’s membership and loyalty to the chief of the clan.

Do you require a pin to kilt?


The primary purpose of the Kilt pin is to give the weight of the kilt’s edge, preventing it from blowing up or moving. But, a kilt pin is not meant to be secured through two layers of material to secure your kilt. This could limit your movement and could damage the kilt.

How do you think the length of a kilt pin should be?

Where and how should kilt pins be worn? A kilt pin should be positioned on the lower-left edge of the apron of the kilt (above the right knee of the wearer). Typically, the pin should be located around four” up from the bottom of the kilt (the bottom of the pin is 4″ up) and 2″ away from the right-hand border of the front of the apron.

What’s the function of the Kilt pin?

The kilt pin is an item of jewelry that is typically located on the lower edge of the outer apron of the Kilt. Its purpose is to stop the apron from falling down or blowing out by putting weight on the apron’s outer edge. It is usually thought of as a decorative element.

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