In this article we are going to explore what is the difference between Poly Viscose (PV) cloth and wool cloth? All right. The difference between Poly viscose fabric is it is man made, machine washable. And it’s generally the stuff that we get anyway is about 11 to 12 ounce. Wool can come in 10 ounce. 11 ounce. All the way up to like 16. Well really much lower and much higher than the typical stuff from the mills in the U. K. Are 10 11 ounce on the low end and 16 ounce or so on the high end. Now what does that mean practically a 16 ounce wool & a 12 ounce poly viscose as listed below.

Wool & polly comparision

Isco’s This the set size is a little bit larger because the individual yarns. The threads that go into weaving this cloth are thicker than the threads that go into this. We can increase this thread count a little bit so that it looks and that the set size matches this one. But you don’t have to hand like stiffness wise. the PV Is a tiny bit floppy than 16 ounce but it’s not substantially.

The main difference is in the feel you can feel wool wool feels like wool The PV feels like a very very thick cotton like if you think of your the thickest bedsheets you’ve ever had the highest thread count. Egyptian cotton and then double it. That’s effectively what this feels like It feels like super thick cotton but it’s a man made machine washable fabric. Now, just to show you the difference between this and this in same weight.

Wool is on the left & Poly Viscose or (PV) is on the right

This is Poly Viscose MacGregor Modern & Wool MacGregor Modern and the set size. Now the milk may have monkeyed with the thread count to be the same. The thing that I want to point out is the, the twill lines, the little diagonal lines. The twill lines of 11 ounce cloth, whether it’s wool or Poly Viscose if the thread count is the same, the twill lines are going to be a little bit less pronounced. Then let’s say 16 ounce cloth in 16 ounce. The individual yarns are going to be thicker Therefore the diagonal lines. The twill lines of the fabric are going to be a little bit more pronounced You’re gonna be able to see them a little bit better Here’s the twill lines from wool. Here’s P. V. You know what I can see though the sheen, There’s a different sheen to them because there’s more of a nap on the Wool than on the PV.

So I can see the way the light was playing off and was a little different, correct I would, I would go the other direction with it and say the sheen from the PV. It’s a man made fabric, therefore it is going to be a little bit more reflective Like. Like minor, minor minor degrees, but a little bit more reflective in man made fabrics, acrylic PV whatever the man made fabric is versus wool, it’s going to be a little bit more matted kind of thing. But the main difference is going to be in the, the size the thickness of the twill lines and to some degree, the the size of the set, if the thread count is exactly even, but it’s never exactly even each mill is going to pick, like even like the center, the center white stripe in this martin mills for for this one may have picked six for their center thread and you know, loch heron, 11 ounce, may have been eight.

They may have done, you know, 68 red threads across this this section right here, where martin mills may have only done 56 So it’s, it’s as long as it looks similar, looks the same proportionate. You know, I’m I’m stretching my Photoshop image here proportionate to the actual design That’s all that really matters. It’s not the thread count so much as long as it’s proportionate to the thread count. There you go. Eric any thoughts? No, I mean my my my brain goes to the practicality of which cloth you choose and as we often say, that’s going to pound the context. You know, it depends on your budget to some extent and it’s gonna depend on where and when and how you want wear the kilt. So, if you want something for hiking in, you know, in august you’re doing a thru hike on the A. T. Go with the PV if you want something for going to a burns supper and for wearing a cooler weather.

and that’s the perfect beautiful representation of your heart and it just has that lush, you know, thick, heavy feel to it and has a great switch when you walk. Thanks for reading my blog, you guys. I’m happy that there are so many people who are inspired about our heritage. Thanks for reading this article once again. If you dig what we’re doing, do check out kiltmaster.

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