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What Is a Utility Kilts?

Kilts are a long-standing traditional skirt-like style of dress for women of Scottish origin. Kilts were worn by women and men from Scotland for centuries throughout the long tradition of wearing this dress at some point it was close to extinction because of a ban for the wearing of Kilts due to political motives. But the kilt lasted through the exile period and re-emerged to become a favorite of locals. Since then, kilts have gained popularity and recently have gained a large international following who want to wear this distinctive outfit everywhere.

Since the Scottish climate is typically cold and is characterized by a severe winter, kilts, as well as their accessories, were made to be durable, warm, and traditional. Kilts today are worn in other regions of the world. Some subtle adjustments have been made to the kilts in order to meet the needs of this modern market.

This is what defines a modern utility Kilt:


The kilt Master has an extremely traditional style and structure while using modern-day features. Even today, traditional kilts are made without pouches or belt loops. But, utility kilts are intended for use in a practical way and come with a variety of pockets as well as belt loops. In general, they are made with flapped cargo pockets to the sides and some have pockets on the rear and side similar to the ones found on trousers. Additionally, some have pockets that are detachable. They are typically attached to the kilt by chains and can be removed from the traditional kilt.


The earliest kilts were constructed using tartan, an extremely thick wool-like material. It was made by hand to make a kilt that had all its designs. Since then, technology and automation have made huge strides and a variety of different materials are employed to make kilts. Nowadays, kilts are manufactured using automated machines however, some remain hand-crafted. It takes a lot of skill and expertise to make any Kilt out of raw fabric. The most expensive kilts are typically entirely handcrafted or at a minimum hand-finished.


Because they are a new version of the kilt at the time of their creation, utility kilts weren’t made using tartan. Instead, the manufacturers decided to make use of cotton denim, cotton composites, and waterproof fabrics for this type of kilt due to the purpose it was designed for. Tartan, although elegant and durable, is not exactly like modern-day fabrics. The fabrics that are used in utility kilts are intended to withstand working and outdoor conditions. A lot of utility kilts feature pockets to store equipment and tools that could be heavy and sharp and require something similar to denim to protect the pockets.


Kilts for utility make good utilization of the loops in belts, and many have belts included as usual. Some kilts include buckled leather straps along both sides or button closures on either side which can be used to fasten the kilt. Both options are great, but the belt is what gives the kilt the modern appearance.

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