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What Is A Fly Plaid And How Is It Worn?

Fly plaids are an element that is a part of traditional Scottish Highland wear, providing an appealing feature filled with history and tradition. Tartan fly plaids enhance the overall style of your formal attire giving you the feeling of being the best you can.

Fly plaids for kilts are very popular However, we often are asked what exactly a fly-pleat is by those who have never worn one before. We’ve compiled an outline of the traditional style item, along with a thorough description of the proper way to wear them.


Highland dress is a classic element in Scottish culture. The earliest evidence of Highland clothing date back centuries, with an example of a kilt-style dress being seen in the 16th century.

Kilts have drastically evolved over the years, evolving into the classic Highland dress that we see in the present. From full-dress sporrans to flashes of kilts, numerous elements have become integral to the overall appearance we are familiar with and appreciate.

In the midst of these distinctive fashion pieces, The fly plaid is one of the most well-known that adds an amazing flair to this Highland dress.


People who are unfamiliar with Scottish Highland dress often ask what is a fly plaid and what exactly is it?. In the past, the traditional kilt was usually more extensive and long than it is now and had the tartan plaid wrapped around the waist, before throwing the tartan on the shoulder.

In the course of time, as the purpose and dimensions of modern kilts grew the fabric needed was reduced and the extension of the shoulders became less needed. In contemporary Highland dress, this fly plaid can be a key part of the classic dress that reflects the rich Scottish heritage without the bulky fabric on the body.


The first-time wearers will think about how to dress for fly plaid. Prior to the time that the fly-print is worn the tartan swatch of the fly plaid must be the same as the Kilt. This is why it’s recommended to purchase the fly plaid in conjunction with the kilt in order to ensure that they are exactly. If you order the two items separately it is impossible to be certain that the dye batch or weaver are identical, which means there might be small differences.

When the tartan of the fly plaid as well as the kilt is exactly matched, it’s appropriate to wear it. It is typically worn over the left shoulder with the shoulders at a level. If wearing it over the shoulder the fly plaid should be positioned behind the wearer and only a few inches from what is the length of the Kilt.

To fasten this fly-print to shoulder straps of your Prince Charlie or Argyle jacket layout the fly plaid onto a smooth surface prior to selecting a corner to rest over your shoulder. Fold the corners into the opposite direction and flip the fly pattern over. Certain fly plaids include a corner already stitched and stitched in place to make the process easier for people who have never worn a fly plaid before.

Then, either put this fabric over your shoulders or take it out through your epaulet before fixing it with a fly plaid brooch.


A fly plaid may be secured by an easy safety pin that is hidden between the pleats in the corner that are folded. In the course of evolution in the development of the fly-pleated brooches

with fly plaid are now a popular choice.

A plaid brooch isn’t just worn to hold the fly-splotched pattern on the ground, can also display your style and show off your heritage with pride high over your heart. The plaid brooch is typically available in stainless steel or silver and is adorned with distinctive gemstones. The most popular designs are Scottish’s flower that is the national symbol, the thistle along with Celtic crosses and knots, which represent the deepest Scottish tradition.


Today traditional fly plaids, as well as Scottish Highland wear, are typically reserved for formal events like weddings, christenings, or funerals. With thousands of tartans on the market, the Modern kilt style allows creating more unique designs of traditional outfits which makes them easy to incorporate into stylish outfits.

From the catwalks and runways of Chanel to the storefronts of Vivienne Westwood the tartan style has evolved into a trendy fashion that offers a lot of versatility and flexibility beyond formal wear. To get a modern take on contemporary kilts, why don’t you swap the kilt out for tartan trews, paired with white formal shirts, attaching the fly plaid to your shoulders for an eye-catching feature?

The search for innovative methods to dress in fly plaids, kilts, or fly plaids is a way to keep Scottish traditions alive and draws an increased spotlight on the unique delight of tartan.


Fly plaids form an integral element of the rich history of Scottish Highland wear, but they do not have to be intimidating.

At the Kilt Master Fly, plaids come in a broad selection of tartans. These exquisite fly plaids are both lightweight and comfortable, which means you can wear them effortlessly during your event.

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