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Kilt Buyers Guide

Everything You Need to Know to Choose the Perfect Kilt For You!

The most comprehensive kilt buyer’s guide is available to assist buyers who are looking to purchase kilts is here! What should you consider first, which you should pick for your kilt, which tartan to pick, and more concerning Cheater Pleats(TM), and much more? If you have any questions regarding the buying process for a kilt we’re here to guide you through every step of the procedure. Don’t get overwhelmed, “just keep reading, just keep reading”.

Take the time to read the entire document or click the subject below to go directly to the info you require ……

Choosing the Style of Kilt for You

Finding Your Tartan Name

Choosing the Right Tartan for You

Everything Pleats

Cheater Pleats

Measuring for Your Kilt

Choosing the Style of Kilt for You

Begin by determining the type of kilt you would like. What are the places you’d like to put on your kilt? Renaissance celebrations, Highland games, formal dinners, your wedding or simply to wear your kilt wherever you like? Knowing when you’ll wear your kilt will allow you to decide on the design and style you’d like to purchase.

Kilts for Reenactments and Renaissance Fairs

The best kilts, Ancient Phillabegs, and kilts are perfect for reenactments and Renaissance fairs. These kilts offer a more traditional style and feel.


The Great kilt goes back to the 16th century and is the most recognizable and recognized form of kilt that is worn during Renaissance Festivals or other reenactment occasions. The first reference to this type of dress was recorded in 1594. In the 1594 era, looms were able to weave fabric that was about 30 inches in width. For a perfect kilt, 9 yards tartan were divided by half leaving with two pieces that were thirty inches in width and four and a half yards each.

The two pieces will be stitched together one by one, creating the perfect kilt that is 40 yards in length and 60 inches wide. This is the place where the phrase “the whole 9 yards” comes from. In the past, you pleat your kilt every occasion you don it but the one thing holding it in place can be your belt. With the development of technology, we’ve found the best way to get rid of the burden with the help of Cheater Pleats(TM)! However, we’ll get into more details about these in a bit.

OUTLANDER Poly Viscose Ancient Kilt

Ancient Kilt, OUTLANDER Tartan


The same type of Kilts that were worn in the film “Braveheart”! Who doesn’t like that film? Based on who you speak to, the movie might or may not actually be “exactly” historically accurate, however, they are stunning nonetheless. Our kilts from the past are the ideal highland attire for Renaissance events as well as other reenactment activities since it’s much lighter and much more functional than a traditional kilt suitable for summer wear. The kilt of the past is an enfilade, however, it has an additional 2 to 3 yards of tartan. The tartan added is to be used as a sash or a fly plaid after the kilt is pleated creating the illusion of an excellent kilt, without the added bulk.


The little kilt, also known as the phillabeg (Gaelic “feilidh-beag) is actually an older predecessor to the modern kilt. It is not like a modern kilt. it’s not a tailor-made piece of clothing. It’s a simple length of tartan that is about 25 inches wide and about 4-6 yards long, that is loosely pleated or bunched, and secured around the waist by the belt. It is worn around the mid-section of the knee, much like every other type of kilt. One thing that makes a phillabeg unique is that it comes with some inches of tartan hanging on top of the belt. The flap helps to ensure that the belt stays in place in the absence of it, your kilt may slide off from the belt, leaving you dressed in your, well-worn Skivvies (or worse! ).

Kilts For Weddings, Formal Dinners, Cruises, and Family Heirlooms

The best Kilts that are designed in Scotland with premium wool tartans. 9-yard formal kilts as well as 5-yard formal kilts that will leave you looking and feeling your best! These kilts are high-end and perfect for the groom or if you’re attending the wedding. For formal dinners, you need to be the best-dressed you possible and that’s why you’ll need one of these at your disposal! You can also get our tried and tested Basic Kilt that is constructed using 4-5 yards of tartan that puts it competitive with formal Kilts. Which one do you prefer and what’s the reason? What is the difference between these Kilts?


The pleats are stitched by hand and a lot of care for particulars make this kilt to be one of the most exquisite kilts available! The kilts are made of 8-10 yards of top wool tartan (the amount of tartan you wear will depend on the waist of your). A larger amount of fabric than the five-yard kilt creates pleats with more depth that move and sway when you stroll. A lot of dancers and pipers opt for this kilt because of the reason.

You’re hosting a formal meal or a wedding you want for guests to enjoy, perhaps you’re a kilt lover and would prefer a kilt to slacks? This is the right kilt for you! The best choice for any occasion made in Scotland is made of the finest wool that will last for a lifetime. They are also a wonderful family heirloom that could be passed through generations.


Similar to the formal kilt 9 yards This kilt is constructed using the same high-end wool tartan that is used in Scotland. It is constructed using about 4-6 yards of tartan (the exact amount will depend on the size of your waist). They are made to measure with care for particulars. Because of the smaller amount of fabric, pleats are slightly wider and deeper than those on the 9-yard kilt. They look fantastic and are top-quality products. 

When compared side-by-side it’s hard to discern the difference. The biggest distinction is that when you walk around in a 9-yard kilt you’ll notice the more “swish” because of the more fabric. Also called casual kilts, they’re an excellent alternative for the expensive 9-yard Kilt. 5-yard kilts can be worn by people who wish to look their best or people who wish the kilt to be worn at any time, wherever. It’s easy to dress it up by wearing a jacket and vest or more casually by wearing a comfortable sweater.


It’s time to get a kilt that is affordable and of high quality! It may not be manufactured in Scotland however it is packed with all the features that a quality kilt should have. It is made with four yards of tartan 3 buckles and straps pleated pleats stitched with pleats as well as belt loops, and an extra liner. A lower tartan content means pleats, which are bigger than the formal 5 Yard Kilt. A Good Basic Kilt is the same kilt we use in our rental. 

Our top pick for rentals because we’re confident they can be used for multiple purposes and still appear formal and stylish. This kilt isn’t going to last for a long time however we’re expecting you to enjoy many years of it. It can withstand multiple nights at the pub and will still look fantastic to wear for a formal dinner party. It’s also an excellent kilt to start with for those new to the kilt-wearing scene.

Kilts For Highland Games and Everyday Wear

All of the Kilts that are listed above are excellent Kilts to wear for any Highland, Scottish, or Irish festival you would like to go to. Be aware that these events typically occur during the summer months and it is possible that a Great Kilt is heavy and heavy with lots of material to wear. Highland Games are meant to provide you with the chance of wearing your own kilt and displaying your heritage. Highland events and fairs are a great opportunity to wear whatever style of kilt that you like. Wear it with a dress code or keep it casual, or get your canvas kilt to wear the utilitarian style! Here we will discuss some of these options.


The kilts of these are old in the world of kilts and have only appeared within the past 15 years. They arrived and stayed, they conquered because they’re awesome! It’s the perfect blend of jeans and kilts. The soft, breathable Kilt has the appeal of pockets! Ideal to wear for the next Highland game. These kilts are perfect for those who are just beginning to get comfortable in a kilt or aren’t sure about buying other clothing items. 

Because of the numerous pockets as well as D-rings you do not need to wear the sporran when you dress. Kilt pins don’t have to be worn because of the burden of the. Canvas Kilts offer a refreshing modern look to the kilt. You can leave off the other clothes and wear the same outfit you’d normally wear with jeans. All of our canvas kilts are ideal to wear for Highland games, hike excursions,s or a trip to the supermarket. Wear them everywhere and anytime!


AcryliKilt(TM) is constructed from lightweight, low-cost, attractive 100 100% acrylic tartan. It’s constructed almost like the Good Basic Kilt, but with a few extra cost-saving aspects. The straps aren’t as nice and pleats are slightly smaller than those of the Basic Kilt. But, the kilt is made very well for the cost. Its price permits the kilt to be worn to the bar or to any highland game without having to worry about damaging the more expensive kilts. This kilt is ideal for teenagers who are developing, or for someone who is looking for an easy kilt in case the time requires the Kilt.

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