Utility Kilts Care Guide

Utility Kilts are strong and stylish However, they need extra care to extend the longevity of the Kilt. There are a few suggestions and tricks you can use to prolong the longevity of your contemporary utility Kilt.

To talk about it, I’m giving a thorough Utility Kilt care guide for you. The majority of the tips are simply common sense. It is easy to follow this easy guide to increasing the lifespan of your Utilikilt very effortlessly.

Care Tips for Utility Kilts

Below are some basic tips that you could apply to maintain your kilt

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  • Do not speed wash Also, avoid washing your kilt by hand with big objects: Utility Kilts are equipped with clips, buckles pockets, and other accessories that could get caught in washing. Therefore it is best to avoid washing it in conjunction with other garments that have low spin rates.
  • Avoid direct sunlight Dry Do not try drying your kilt under sunlight because it can cause dyes and material to fade. In addition, there might be a few layers of the kilt that might discolor.
  • Do not make use of a Dryer I do not recommend that you use a dryer to dry your Kilt. There are some materials found in our contemporary utilitarian kilts that aren’t meant for drying in dryers.
  • Do not wash it often Kilts are designed in a manner that they do not require frequent washing. Hence you shouldn’t often clean them. Because frequent washing can ruin the original colors and appearance of the Kilt.
  • Avoid using fabric softeners It is recommended to avoid using a fabric softener in your Kilt. Since some of the softeners for fabric contain a degreasing agent that can soften pleats’ wrinkles in time. Kilts are made with an ideal blend of rigidity and softness to ensure that pleats remain intact and fabric softeners could destroy the pleats’ stiffness.
  • Iron with extreme Care Most Kilts do not require ironing However, if your pleats require being ironed, make sure you do it with attention to detail. A quick iron can assist the kilt return to its original form. Make sure that the iron you use isn’t too hot. Don’t iron your kilt with anything other than cotton. To be secure you can also put on fabric to make a layer.

How to Store Utility Kilts?

There are a few points you must ensure before keeping your kilt, and I’ve covered the details in detail in the next paragraphs;

If your kilt becomes wet from rain or other causes, do not keep it in storage without drying it. Because moisture can ruin the appearance of your Kilt. You can arrange your kilt onto a flat surface and allow it to dry for a considerable amount of duration.

After it has dried and dried, you can hang the kilt from an organizer bag so that it will remain in the original foam. But, if you choose to keep the kilt in drawers,, place it on its side and include a few cedar blocks to keep bugs away.


This is my complete maintenance guide to the Utility Kilt and I’m sure that you be able to get a better understanding of the subject. If you’d like to request any specific information regarding the proper maintenance of your modern kilts, contact me directly. to me. I’ll be more than happy to assist you.

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